Sam - The Dirt Radicals

I play bass and sing in a punk band called 'The Dirt Radicals'. I like stuff.

  • Hey guys, just a quickie – we have a last minute Japan tour going on! We’re still waiting for the [...]

  • 2011.01.13 Superdrive

    Happy New Year everyone! So it's no secret i'm a huge Useless ID fan. When i found out they are head [...]

  • 2010.11.16 RADio!!!

    I have been super busy! November must be "International Radio Month" because every RADio station in [...]

  • 2010.11.03 Floyd!

    Check out our friend 'Floyd'. This was filmed on our last Japan tour!      

  • 2010.10.04 Sam Francisco!

    I wrote a post about how i was in San Francisco, but for some reason the posts never save! I'll have to wo [...]

  • 2010.09.13 Pattaya!

    My posts keep deleting themselves or something!  Just got back from 3 days in Pattaya, Thailand! SO TIRED [...]

  • 2010.09.08 Hey ho, let’s go!

    Hey guys, i'm Sam. Music lover and Master-Basser. Not really, i'm not very good at Bass. I am in a b [...]